FIGHT Campaign

Our Trail Life Troop MO-2215 has begun the FIGHT Fundraising Campaign.

The Website is now "live" for you to start signing up as fundraisers and for the Troop to start receiving funds for the campaign. Follow elsewhere on our site to get started with your very own Fundraiser account. Here you will be able to setup your own page that can be shared as a link or as a text. We will also have fundraising cards you can use if you prefer to go low tech.

Much like raising support for a mission trip or walk-a-thon, our Trailmen and their families will have the opportunity to raise support for our Troop with the FIGHT Fundraising Campaign. Money raised will go to helping in the operation of our Troop as well as a Family Adventure to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park for our Trailmen and their families in 2021. Unlike most other fundraisers, you won't be selling items, storing products or handling funds and there is no product to distribute after the sale, just share your unique link with your friends and family and they can give on their own.

Trailmen will be able to win great incentive prizes like a complete tent camping kit, Trail Life performance apparel and one Trailmen can even win the top prize - his Wyoming Adventure cost completely paid!

If you are interested in being a financial partner in this event as an individual or as a corporate sponsor, please contact our Event Director - Kevin Browne at or 307.221.1637.

Walk Worthy