Trail Life USA offers a program to chartered churches and Christian organizations that allows them to deliver age-specific programs to youth of all, from kindergarten to 25 years old, all in a single troop with just one charter. Age specific programs in each level use program delivery methods tailored to the most appropriate learning methods for each age group and including the specific knowledge that each group is expected to learn. Each age-specific group within a troop is referred to as a unit.

The Woodlands Trail

The Woodlands Trail program is for Kindergarten to 5th grade. It includes the Fox (K-1st), Hawk (2nd-3rd), and Mountain Lion (4th-5th) levels. A joining award for each level identifies a boy with part of his group. An earned award, the Forest Award, is earned over the two-year program period for each level. Boys are divided into groups, called patrols, consisting of ten trailmen and two adult leaders.


In middle school boys are now called Trailmen and they participate in the Navigators program using the patrol method. The Recruit Trailman rank is a joining rank that a boy is assigned when he becomes a Navigator. The earned ranks in this unit are the Able Trailman and Ready Trailman.


In high school Trailmen that enter the Adventurer’s program. They are assigned the Journey Award as a joining award. The earned awards are the Horizon and Freedom awards. When a Trailman completes the Horizon Award he has completed all trail badge work. To earn the Freedom Award, Trailmen participate in unique Freedom Experiences as part of a majors and minors program.

To learn more about advancing through the troop and earning awards visit the Trail Life USA website.

See the Trail Life USA website for more information about the national organization.