Troop Information

What does MO-2215 mean?

Each Trail Life troop is identified by their state abbreviation and a number of their choosing. Our troop is identified as MO-2215. 2215 comes from the Bible verse of 2 Timothy 2:15 which says '15 Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.' Our hope is to instill in our Trailmen the desire to always do their best at whatever they do no matter if it's working on a Trail Life badge or project, their homework or any other task they may pursue. The leaders involved with our Troop strives to lead by example in everything we do as we lead our boys.

When do we meet?

Typically our troop meets the first through fourth Thursday night of each month during the school year, we take a break the fifth Thursday night if there is one. Our meetings start at 6:30 pm and last until 8:00 pm. We recommend everyone arrive a little earlier in order to go through our check-in process. You can see our calendar of events by clicking the link on the right column of this page.

Check-in process.

As a part of our meetings we check-in each of our boys and their parent or guardian. This process before our meetings helps us track each boy being present and that they are picked up by the correct person after the meeting. We also meet for a closing after which the boys will be release to their parent or guardian.

Where do we meet?

Our troop meets at Parkade Baptist Church at 2102 N Garth Ave., Columbia, MO. Parkade is our chartering church. For our meetings enter the church from Garth Avenue using the south entrance at the top of the hill and use the doors under the canopy in the circle drive. The actual patrol meetings take place in the lower level in the church's Fellowship Hall or other areas.

What do we do in a meeting?

At 6:30 we all gather in the church sanctuary for our opening ceremony where we post colors and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and the Christian Flag. After a short opening lead by one of our troop leaders or by our sister American Heritage Girls troop. We then break out into the different patrols to work on the activity for that night.

Parent Involvement.

It takes a lot of dedicated people to run our Troop. If you are a parent or guardian of one our Trailmen, we need you. We are in need of people, especially dads, to do many of the tasks for operating our Troop. We are required to have 'two deep leadership' any time our boys are meeting, whether it is in a weekly patrol meeting or on a Hit the Trail or a camp out. Often times this doesn't require any special training or skills but you do need to be a Registered Adult. If this is something you think you would be interested in, please see one of our Troop Leaders at a meeting. Please consider being involved with your boy and their Troop activities.

What is a Registered Adult?

This position is for registering parents or guardians who, while not serving in defined position, may want to have a more active role with their boys in the program. They pay the regular member fee, agree with the Statement of Faith, submit to a background check, complete the Child Safety Youth Protection Training and are approved by the Troop Ministry Liaison. They will receive an ID card from the Home Office that identifies them as registered. This then allows the local leadership to confidently request their assistance at Troop activities, but doesn't obligate the Registered Adult to any specific service role. This member is regularly involved and (if over 21) helps to meet the two-deep safety supervision requirement.

Trail Life Registration Fees and Troop Dues

Registration Fees

Trail Life requires all Trailmen and Registered Adults to pay an annual registration fee of $29.11 for boys and $30.33 for Registered Adults. Parents a not required to pay these fees. Fees are paid directly to Trail Life USA by each individual youth and adult member when they submit their initial membership application to Trail Life USA through the Trail Life Connect site and annually thereafter on the anniversary of their membership with Trail Life. Each member will receive a reminder about a month before the annual TL fees are due. You will have to log in through the Trail Life Connect site in order to pay these fees.

Troop Dues

Trailmen Troop dues of $30 are for each boy in the Troop and to be paid at the beginning our Troop year. These Troop dues stay in the local Troop and help to cover the operating cost for meeting supplies, awards and other various Troop expenses. We cap Troop dues to $90 for each family who have combined participation of three or more children in Trail Life and American Heritage Girls.

We will also be collecting Troop dues from new Trailmen as they join our Troop, prorated to when they join our Troop. Full dues if joining in the months of August through December and half dues if joining January through July. At this time, dues can only be paid to the Troop Treasurer at a meeting by cash or check made out to Troop MO-2215.

Uniform information

Uniforms and other Trail Life items may be purchased by going to the Trail Life USA website. Here you should be able to use your log in ID and password you have created for Trail Life Connect. If not done that, you will need to follow the process to create your credentials on the Trail Life USA store site. In the store you will see all the items available for uniforms and other 'non-uniform' and apparel.

To get started we ask that all Trailmen and Leaders at least have t-shirts to match the patrol they are associated with; Fox, Hawk, Mountain Lion, Adventurer or Navigator. T-shirts may be worn to regular weekly meetings, camping and Hit the Trail activity.

Ultimately, each Trailman and Leader will need to have a Class A uniform to display the pride of being a part of our Troop. The Class A uniform is the button up shirt and is required for boys to receive awards during award ceremonies and other official functions. Uniform pants are optional, dark green pants in the style of the uniform pants are an appropriate alternative.


Doing fundraisers are a means for us to raise funds in order to supports the activities of our local Troop such as meetings, Hit the Trail events, and camping, in order to make these events little or no cost for our Trailmen. We will limit the number of fundraisers each year as we don't want our Trailmen and parents to be tied up with money raising activities but be able to remain focus more on activities related to their Patrols and earning badges.

In the past we did a Shakespeare's Pizza sales. These were the frozen version of the same pizza that you can get in the three restaurants her in Columbia. We are currently looking for fundraisers to do in the future. If you know of a fundraiser that would be good for our Troop please let Gary Tynes, Troop Treasurer, know about it as soon as possible.

How do I get more information about joining the MO-2215 Troop?

If you are interested in more information in our local Troop please use this form. One of our leaders will contact you with a follow-up email or call. Notice you can also inquire about our American Heritage Girls Troop as well with this form.

More general information is available on the FAQ page on the Trail Life USA website.